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What is BiogenicPet?

BiogenicPet is a product line of medicinal and dietary supplements backed by scientific test evidence, which uses natural components to regulate and restore the disturbed balance of the body’s functioning. 

The BiogenicPet product line consists of preparations developed by veterinarians, available without a veterinary prescription. During the development of the products, one of the most important aspects was the preservation of the animals’ vitality and health in a natural way.


The products can be effectively used to treat and avoid the following problems

  • For the treatment of dogs and cats in case of damaged or inflamed tissues.
  • In the case of aging animals, it vitalizes the aging cells, so that your pet can be in explosive form even in old age.
  • It provides protection against the harmful side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs that affect the dog’s or cat’s body after antibiotic treatments.
  • To supplement diarrhea treatments in dogs and cats.
  • It provides joint and cartilage protection through unique combinations of active ingredients and mechanisms of action.


a product line consisting of medicinal and dietary supplements

for pets

BiogenicPet Vitality

vitalizing and regenerating tablet

for dogs

BiogenicPet Digestion

paste to supplement diarrhea treatments

for dogs and cats

BiogenicPet Mobility

joint and cartilage regenerating tablet.

for dogs and cats