What is the Biogenicpet product family?

Not so long ago, dogs and cats lived freely and provided their own daily food. From the killed animal, nature provided them with the vitamins, minerals, macro and micro elements they needed physiologically. This natural process provided them with the necessary and indispensable biological balance for their reproduction, development and survival. Today’s domesticated dogs and cats, however, no longer live and feed in the wild. Their development and health depend on our people and the living conditions provided for them. Although life expectancy has increased, the symptoms typical of old age have also become more common, just to mention locomotor and hair-skin problems, joint pains, digestion-related problems, and mood swings.

BiogenicPet is a product line of scientifically proven medicinal and dietary supplements that regulate and restore the disturbed balance of the body’s functioning with its natural components. The BiogenicPet product line consists of preparations developed by veterinarians, available without a veterinary prescription. During the development of the products, one of the most important aspects was the preservation of the animals’ vitality and health in a natural way.

The products can be effectively used to treat and avoid the following problems:

BiogenicPet products are a solution for dogs and cats against conditions associated with tissue damage, inflammation, skin and coat problems, debilitation and diseases of old age, without having to deal with the side effects of traditional medication. In the case of aging animals, it vitalizes the aging cells, so that your pet can be in explosive form even in old age. It provides joint and cartilage protection through unique combinations of active ingredients and mechanisms of action. If anti-inflammatory or antibiotic use becomes necessary, BiogenicPet products reduce the harmful side effects of these drugs and supplement their therapeutic effects.